Thanks for stopping by WA7QZR.ORG. This domain and site is owned & operated by: Michael McCarrey, Amateur Radio Operator, Extra Class, Callsign: WA7QZR.

Since relocating to Elk, Washington, and since it looks like this is the final destination, it's time to build up my Amateur Radio web site.

It is my intent to use this site as an educational and informative resource about me and my many interests and activities with a primary focus upon what I do as an Amateur Radio Operator, in the hope that others will be inspired to, not only follow me in my journeys, but to embark on a similar ones themselves.

Be prepared to have your presuppositions questioned and challenged as I investigate, test, and challenge virtually everything that I've been taught about, well, just about everything.

Oh, and while we're at it, let's repair & restore some old radio equipment. That'll be a lot of fun.

The site is completely hand-written in HTML, using the Bluefish programmer's editor, and is optimized for the Pale Moon web browser.